Pastor’s Page

Pastor: Njabulo King Ndlovu

Pastor Njay

As a father of three, Pastor Njay loves family ministries and working with children. Together with his wife, Mthoko, they are currently serving as co-sponsors for the Scottish Mission Pathfinder and Adventurer department. Pastor Njay is also very passionate about community services and community-based outreach.

In his own words:
Regarding the key features of my personal attitude to church ministry, first and foremost I value an abiding devotion to Bible study to inform and transform my daily spiritual walk and service to Jesus Christ my soon coming personal Saviour. I am learning to rely fully upon the merits of what Jesus Christ has done for me by His sacrifice on Calvary as the only means of daily confronting self-interest and all its subtle manifestations in my journey to servant leadership.

Because the Adventist church is a community eagerly anticipating the second advent of Jesus Christ, I see the challenge for each member living in this age of the selfie-stick as the need to make their main vocation to be an image-bearing and God-reflecting person in their entire moral life as they actively participate in both worship and outreach that are formative and expressive of a Christlike character.